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Pest Control Ants

Some ants are just a nuisance more than anything. But here in North Carolina we do have ants that are wood destroying ants like the Carpenter Ants. They do not eat the wood but do build tunnels in the wood to create nesting areas. It is imperative ton get rid of these ants to avoid structural damage and/or make the wood weak. Ants can also cause serious health risks. The big headed ants are a host for tapeworm. Pharaoh ants carry salmonella. Fire Ants can be dangerous for all loved ones, family, and pets.

Types of Ants here in North Carolina

Carpenter Ants
Big Headed Ants
Fire Ants
Odourus house Ants
Pavement Ants

What can we do to help get rid of ants?
These little guys are a number one pest problem for home owners in the US. Contact Martin Pest to schedule an appointment. We offer highly effective ant control services. Also we are very knowledgeable about the problem and appropriate solutions.

Prevention Tips