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Fleas are parasites that feed on warm blooded animals. Most commonly found on pets, they will feed on humans if that’s all that is available. They are dark colored wingless parasites that jump from one host to another. A flea’s small size, hard outer body and soft spine make it hard to brush them off their host. They can jump up to eight inches vertically and sixteen inches horizontally. This troublesome parasite consumes up to fifteen times their body weight in blood in one day. Flea bites can be irritating and itch as well as the risk of fleas carrying tapeworms or bacteria infections. It is important to have a plan in place for flea control before the end of spring when you get adult fleas. Fleas need to be controlled at all life cycle stages. There are many products available to control fleas but it is is best to consult a professional to develop a comprehensive plan.

Common Flea Species:

Cat flea
Dog flea
Human flea
Flea Prevention Tips: